San Diego Comic Con 2015 in Photos

Growing up in San Diego Comic Con was something I totally took for granted. Of course every year people dressed up in fun costumes and ran amok in the streets of downtown San Diego! Doesn’t everyone have one of those?

Every year it has gotten bigger and bigger, and San Diego Comic Con 2015 drew in not just more people in more costumes, but crazy giant outdoor props, like this giant snowglobe and enough religious protestors that they got counter-protestors of their own. Dang! Our convention is so big it’s protestors have protestors!

One of the best parts of Comic-Con is how inclusive it seems to be. Old, young and everyone in between seems to get in on the fun. Though there are tons of real celebrities to be seen inside of the convention, anyone who puts enough work into their costume gets to be a celebrity for a day. Being chased down by fans and asked for photos every few minutes. I personally chased down this lady Rufio calling out “Rufio! Rufio! Rufiooo! for two blocks before I caught up with her to get a photo. And one little princess was so entranced by meeting Sailor Moon that she knocked her to the ground with a gigantic hug.

Truth be told I was almost as excited as that little girl when I found a couple of Quidditch players who let me hold their snitch.

How many characters you can recognize at Comic Con is definitely a good meterstick for your nerd cred. There are some favorites that nearly anyone would recognize and other people dressed so obscurely that we had no chance of recognizing them.

Though the crowds are nuts and the sun is beating down, how could you not want to go roam the streets with Totoro, My Little Ponies, and any other pop culture icon you can think of?! Though Tom and I don’t ever actually go INTO the convention, San Diego is worth a visit in July just for the people-watching that the comic convention brings.

Measure your nerd cred! How many can you recognize?


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  1. Sarah says:

    Here’s a Saga cosplay, like you were hoping to see, it’s from last year though-

  2. Yok says:

    Hey Jenny: A close friend is one of the events managers for Comic Con…it’s always awesome to hear her insights and check it out through the experiences of others. Cool photos!

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