Nazi Beetle Orders Spider to Eat Baby Gecko

Spiders are acting with Beetles across the board, as further grisly orders were carried out. Luckily the water animals will not be drawn into the battle as expected as one Spider henchman mistook a “jelly” shoe for his target; a jellyfish.

IMG 7009

The backlash was quick and brutal as creatures large and small united against beetles and spiders alike.

IMG 6918

IMG 7619

Defeated for now the Spiders have holed up in the jungle, conserving their strength, licking their wounds and patiently waiting for a future victory. Nothing is known of the whereabouts of the beetles. There has been speculation that they are hiding out in the flour.

IMG 7623

The Monkey’s and the Sloths stayed out of it; preferring to remain neutral.

IMG 7542

IMG 7499

And adorable.

These are tumultuous times.


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2 Responses

  1. Martha Krones says:

    Is where you are considered to be the rain forest? Because I’d like to add some of these to my second grade rain forest presentation

    Love you,

  2. Those are some nasty looking critters you go there guys. I’m not sure how I’d be able to stomach that (esp. those huge freakin’ spiders).

    Speaking of bugs, remember when we had all those maggots that one time. Well, over the weekend, after getting home from a wedding in pasadena, I came home to a ridiculous fly infestation in our kitchen. There were so many of them that there was an audible buzzing that could be heard from the front door. I killed them all, but never did find the source… I’m waiting for one of the walls to burst open with maggots.

    Such a nice thought for the kitchen. Glad you guys are still having fun.

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